Arulmigu Narasimma Swamy Temple - Special Poojas

Special Poojas

Nithiya Kattalai

     Nithiya Kattalai Pooja is scheme of Rs.5000/- as donation. Archanai will be performe whichever date the devootees like and want. This pooja will be perform to god with the interest of Rs. 5000/- once in a year throughout their life time or life long.

Monthly Poojas

     Monthly poojas is a scheme of Rs.500/- for one year.With this Rs.300/- evey month archanas will be perform with the devootees star for one year.

mUFMrnea mnf flz xUegUF %.6000/- j IJ egfSFbkhj %.30,000/-

btbzfhflz =%.75,000/-

RthUfahz (mUFeukRthUnfh) = %.2,500/-

jfnj flz = %.2,000/-

jfKyh ftr flz = %.5,000/-

Kj ftr flz = %.3,000/-

btftr flz = %.750/-

jkhjKjPhW Hik (khjhu) tilkhiy = %.500/-

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